TNETS has customs and trade compliance solutions for all businesses.


TNETS Integrated Customs Management Solution gives you the control you need to ensure your trade compliance needs are being met.

Medium-sized Companies

We guarantee to save you time, and money and improve your customs compliance record when you outsource your customs processing to us.


If you’re handling customs in-house then you should be using the most efficient and intuitive Tradenet software on the market.

Improved Customer Service

Reduction in Processing Cost

Service Quality Guarantee

Zero Staff Welfare Costs

TNETS – The Customs Declaration Professionals

TNETS has customs and trade compliance solutions for all businesses.

Why wrestle with the risks and complexities of multiple freight forwarders performing customs declarations on your behalf?

TNETS’ Single Customs Declaration Broker Solution delivers

  • 100% customs compliance in terms of timeliness and accuracy
  • Guaranteed costs savings on customs processing

What can TNETS do for you?

By engaging TNETS to perform your customs permit declarations you get not only the most experienced professional, and dedicated personnel in the industry AND the latest and most efficient Tradenet Declaration software but you also get peace of mind absolutely free!

Why Leave it to chance?


At TNETS, we seek to be the world’s most trusted partner in customs brokerage services. We strive to provide our clients with the best in trade facilitation and customs management in Singapore.


At TNETS, we hope to afford our clients with a seamless experience with efficient tools, processes and quality customs brokerage service. 100% Exceptional Customer Service, always!

What can TNETS do for you?

TNETS intends to provide the most efficient tools, processes and services for clients moving goods across borders, and in so doing provide our clients with the best trade facilitation

The TNETS Advantage

TNETS gives a 100% guarantee as to the quality of our services

TNETS employees enjoy rewards unparalleled in the industry for the success they bring to our clients

TNETS has the best people, using the best processes, working on the best systems

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