Customs Declaration Solutions for Shippers

Why wrestle with the risks and complexities of multiple freight forwarders performing customs clearance on your behalf?

TNETS’ Single Customs Declaration Broker Solution delivers

  • 100% customs compliance in terms of timeliness and accuracy
  • guaranteed costs savings on customs processing
  • full visibility of all customs activity
  • free advice on HS code and FTA usage potentially saving you millions
  • a suite of useful reports to demonstrate how we maintain compliance on your behalf

single broker solutions

With swift, accurate, and cost effective outsourced customs processing, TNETS puts the power of trade compliance back in your hands. At the same TNETS gives you the full flexibility when it comes to choice of freight forwarder(s).

TNETS has single broker relationships with dozens of shippers and working with hundreds of freight forwarders. We process thousands of customs transactions per day for shippers, forwarders, importers, exporters, traders and manufacturers.

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