Did You Know There Are 29 Different Customs Permit Types in Singapore?

Are you using the right kind of customs permit for your shipment in Singapore?

There’s a bewildering array to choose from and you need to select the right one for your activity or risk having your goods rejected and possibly receiving a penalty.

So, here’s the list:

  1. INP APS
  2. INP BKT
  3. INP DES
  4. INP GTR
  5. INP REX
  6. INP SFZ
  7. INP SHO
  8. INP TCE
  9. INP TCI
  10. INP TCO
  11. INP TCR
  12. INP TCS
  13. IPT BKT
  14. IPT DNG
  15. IPT DUT
  16. IPT GST
  17. OUT APS
  18. OUT BKT
  19. OUT DRT
  20. OUT TCE
  21. OUT TCI
  22. OUT TCO
  23. OUT TCR
  24. OUT TCS
  25. TNP BRE
  26. TNP REM
  27. TNP TTF
  28. TNP TTI
  29. TNP IGM

Whilst some of them are quite straightforward, many of them require further information to be disclosed in a particular format (such as place of release).

Do you know what they are all for, and when to use each one for the different categories your goods might fall into?

It’s critical that you choose the right one, or use a customs declaring agent which has the necessary experience to do so.

To ensure your goods are declared quickly, accurately, and cost effectively, contact TNETS and let us take away the guesswork.