For Accountants and Tax Professionals

TNETS provides a range of support to Accountants and Tax Professionals in the execution of their filing and reporting obligations.

Firstly, at the very simplest level, TNETS is the leading provider of support in respect of customs declaration processing meaning we hit the ground running once we’ve been briefed on the your objectives.

Putting this into simple terms, TNETS processes millions of customs declarations on behalf of some of the world’s largest and most demanding manufacturers, distributors, traders, logistics companies and freight forwarders directly into the customs systems of the world’s most advanced economies.

We are held to account not only for the volume we process but for the rapid turnaround, accuracy and compliance, and lowest possible processing cost of each individual declaration.

With the numbers of declarations we handle and the strict compliance standards required, simple percentages are meaningless. Our clients demand we work at their internal quality levels or higher, which are often based on sixth sigma level 4 DPMO or higher!

If your organisation is seeking to improve customs compliance, make a step reduction in customs processing time, drastically reduce cost of your customs activities, or seeking to introduce greater control over customs and trade processes then talk to TNETS now.

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Secondly, TNETS is intimately familiar with the exacting requirements of the major duty and tax deferment or drawback schemes available to clients in the jurisdictions in which we operate.

These schemes range from the availability of Free Trade Agreements governing imports of certain goods, suspension of import GST, recovery of GST on capital goods, through to industry sector-specific tax and duty incentives.

Most if not all of these schemes come with transaction recording and reporting obligations, failure to comply with which can lead to loss of such facilities, heavy fines or even imprisonment.

Whichever trade-related tax scheme or schemes your organisation is using and whatever the related reporting requirements are, TNETS ensures that your obligations are met in full and on time.

If your organisation is using concessionary schemes to defer or drawback taxes and duties, the reporting obligations can normally be met using standard reports available from TNETS purpose-built customs declaration application.

If you spend ANY time during the month trying to manage the recording or reporting obligations by pulling in data from multiple declaring agents, customs brokers or forwarders, or are trying to manage compliance with these obligations using spreadsheets then talk to TNETS now.

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Thirdly, even in scenarios where TNETS is not your exclusive customs declaring agent or single customs broker, perhaps for reasons of global customs sourcing policy or because you have a large volume of CIP, DAP, DPU, or DDU shipments, TNETS provides a customs monitoring and reporting solution, Trademind© which acts as your eyes and ears for all customs declarations irrespective of the software used, the broker or agent involved, or the freight forwarder.

We initially developed Trademind© to cater to scenarios where customers were selling on an FCA or EXW basis and needed to see whether goods which had been released to customers forwarders had actually cleared customs in the manner and timeliness required. The solution has now evolved to cater to imports of goods where TNETS is not the declaring agent, but where the client’s customs reference number will be used at the time of import declaration.

The solution works whether you need to monitor ten shipments per month, or ten thousand, whether you

So whether you’re importing, exporting, transhipping or even executing bonded or excise declarations, TNETS has a reporting and monitoring solution which helps you stay one step ahead of your compliance obligations.

If you’re interacting with multiple parties in order to check whether your declarations are being done on time, or even done at all, and in accordance with your instructions, or trying to track how this is being managed using spreadsheets and email then talk to TNETS now.

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