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Are You An Experienced Permit Declarant Seeking Your Next Career Move? Learn about careers with TNETS!


Find out how you can embark upon a challenging but rewarding permit declarant career with TNETS in the rapidly growing trade compliance industry.

TNETS is the leading trade compliance business in the Asia Pacific region. We are growing rapidly and seeking to grow even faster, and in more countries.

Our well-trained and highly motivated teams of permit declarants process high volumes of customs transactions daily, for demanding multinational clients using our own Singapore Customs approved state of the art customs software. If you’ve been wrestling with the slowness and complexity of other permit declaration software you’ll be pleased to know that our software was written with the input of senior, experienced and knowledgeable permit declarants.

We are constantly looking for highly-talented and hard-working permit declarants to augment our existing workforce in the following areas:

– Permit Declaration Processing
– Permit Declarant Supervision
– Permit Declarant Management

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